Pantum Maldives

Pantum Maldives is an importer and distributor for printers and consumables in the Maldives,
managed and operated by Ultra Group Pvt. Ltd. since 2018. As the exclusive distributor for
Pantum printers and toner cartridges in the Maldives, the company aims to provide reliable,
cost-effective, and environmentally friendly printing solutions across the Maldives. Pantum products are used daily by business organizations, schools, and hotels & resorts across the Maldives.

Pantum offers innovative printing solutions with advanced core technologies, designed with
comprehensive self-developed patent systems. Defining a whole new era of printing, Pantum is a
brand that has been rapidly gaining popularity across the world, currently being marketed in
over 40 countries and regions including the USA, Europe, Middle East, South Asia, and South Africa.

Pantum products and technical services are offered across the Maldives, with the main showroom located in Hithadhoo, Addu City.

Our Vision

To be the leading national provider of reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally
friendly printing solutions in the Maldives.


At Pantum Maldives, we believe in building strong relationships with our customers by
delivering value through connections. Our product range and technical services are
designed with our customers in mind, and we continue to enhance the same over time.


Although Pantum Maldives was established in 2018, our team offers over a decade of
combined industry and technical expertise dealing with major customers across the Maldives.
Our expertise is reflected in every interaction we have with our customers as well as partners.

What can we do for you ?

At the core of our company grows a culture of experience; user experience, buying experience,
showroom experience, service experience, etc. From the moment you discover Pantum, through
the moment you make the purchase, and for as long as you enjoy Pantum products, your
experience is of fundamental importance to us. To ensure we are able to seamlessly deliver this
experience, we at Pantum Maldives follow a set of values: R.I.S.E

Pantum is reliable. Our customers can depend on us for providing high-quality products and
services in time, every time. We are able to listen to the evolving needs of our customers and
adapt accordingly.

We ensure honesty and transparency in all our interactions with customers and partners.

Because we want our customers to enjoy the very best of Pantum products, we provide
exceptional support to each and every customer, before and after-sale.

Our products and services are designed with exceptional quality standards.